Tournament Logistics

Tournament Logistics

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All tournament updates will be posted on Twitter @LaborDaySoccer or or the Twitter feed is embedded on the Tournament Website.  Plus updates will be sent out via the Tournament APP and coaches and team managers will also get emails/text messages via GotScoccer.

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Field Address
Field Map & Parking

Parking and Ingress & Egress
Disabled Parking
RVs & Large Busses
No Drop Off
Leave Plenty of Time
No Street or Post Office Parking
No Pet Policy
Double Check Your Schedules
Field Numbers
Weather Delay Procedures
Clean Up Your Sidelines
Trainer/Medical Staff
Scoring Results Online & Sent To Your Cell Phone
Tournament T-Shirts
Food Concessionaires

Communication – the week leading up to and through the tournament we will have two primary forms of communication:  (1)  Twitter - @LaborDaySoccer or and (2) that Twitter feed is also posted on the tournament web page at Labor Day Tournament.

Field Address - Premier Sports Campus, 5985 Post Boulevard, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211.  Google Maps Link: Click Here

Parking and Ingress & Egress

  •  Field Map & Parking – CLICK HERE for the full field layout (PDF Format) to print)
    • There are 2 incoming lanes on Post Boulevard off of SR 70.  To get to the parking lot closest to your field, get in the correct lane. 
      • If you are playing on Fields 1-16 after you turn onto Post Boulevard, please move into the right lane. 
      • If you are playing on Fields 18-29, please move into the left lane.  You will be directed by the Deputy Sheriffs and parking crew from there.
    • When you pull into your parking space please pull in on an angle pointing slightly north.
    •  When you are leaving the complex after your game, go north from your parking spot to the exit lanes toward the back of the complex.  Again, follow the Deputy Sheriffs and parking crew.
    • For those that need assistance ambulating between the fields & parking lot, look for the pink dots on the Field Map for shuttle stops. 

Disabled Parking – move into the right lane once you turn on Post Blvd. then signal to the parking crew and they will direct you to the dedicated handicap parking area.  Once you have parked look for transport vehicles that will come around to take you to your field. 

RVs & Large Busses -  RVs & busses are allowed; however, they cannot remain on the property overnight and will be parked in the designated RV & Bus Parking section.  Please follow the parking crew’s direction to the correct spot.  This is private property.  Any of these vehicles left overnight you do so at your own risk of being ticketed and towed (at your own expense).

No Drop Off – there is no drop off areas.  Please follow the parking crew to park and then proceed directly to a parking spot and if you have gear to haul, look for the pink dots on the Field Map for shuttle stops  

Leave Plenty of Time!!! – This is a huge complex with 28 fields.  Each game time slot there will be 56 teams coming into the property along with about 100 referees and volunteers & tournament staff while the previous 56 teams are leaving.  It is extremely important to follow the parking crew so that we can get you in as quickly as possible.  The key is leaving plenty of time so that you will not be late for your game.

No street or Post Office Parking – the street and Post Office areas are not connected with the tournament, but we want to warn you that if you park in these areas you do so at your own risk of being ticketed and/or towed (at your own expense).

No Pet Policy – no pets are allowed at the complex.

Double Check Your Schedules – there may be a few changes leading up to game day.  Please double check the official schedule online at Schedule & Results.  

Field Numbers – all field numbers are signs that are adhered to both sides of the goal post netting.  We configure the fields differently for this tournament than they are normally, so please IGNORE the field numbers at the top of free standing poles (those are not correct). 

Weather Delay Procedures – Click Here for detail procedures.  Weather patterns in Florida during this time of year naturally include intermittent storms.  Soccer play will continue in the rain but will halt immediately for lightning.  There is no way of knowing if or when we may experience lightning; however, knowing how the tournament will manage games during lightning delays will be helpful.

Clean Up Your Sidelines – at the end of each of your games, clean up your bench area.  You will find trash receptacles near your bench.  Please leave the bench clean and ready for the next team to walk on.  Thanks!!!

Trainer/Medical Staff – we are very lucky to say that the tournament is fully staffed with trainers and medical staff from AllSports Medicine program at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.  You will find the primary medical tent near the vendor area (center property).  There will also be two ancillary tents – one in the middle of the south fields and one in the middle of the north fields.  

Tournament T-Shirts – Get your official 2018 Showcase Apparel from Fine Designs Tent – look for their tent in the vendor area.  You pick the type & color of the shirt and they will personalize if for you.  No longer do have only 1 tournament t-shirt style to pick from. 

Gatorade - Be on the lookout for the Gatorade tables throughout the tournament fields.  Gatorade Sports Fuel will be provided by Gatorade FREE throughout the duration of the showcase to all athletes.  Gatorade Thirst Quencher and Gatorade Recovery Protein Bars will be provided each day to help fuel athletes' performance on the field. Gatorade Thirst Quencher delivers carbs to refuel the body and electrolytes to help replace what athletes sweat out.  Gatorade Recovery products have the carbs and protein athletes need to help muscles recover.  For more product information, please go to

Food Concessionaires - there will be several food vendors providing food & drinks that are located Vendor area centrally located.  Feel free to park and stay the day knowing that you will have access to assorted food & drink.  




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