Step #3 - CLW

Each campus will have 2 Tryouts Schedules:  (1) US Club Soccer Tryouts for NPL league (during the week of 5/1/19) & (2) FYSA/USYS Tryouts for CDL & USA League (during the following week of 5/6/19).  See below.

Any changes that occur between now and Tryouts will be updated here.  Please check back often.

Clearwater (CLW) US Club Soccer Tryouts Schedule (week of 5/1/19):

CLW US Club Soccer Tryouts will all be held on Wednesday, 5/1/19 at the Chargers Countryside Sports Plex.  Please arrive 20-30 minutes in advance of the times listed below to check in.

NPL (USClub) ID Trials
  Year/Age Wed 5/1 S
B U11 (2009) 6PM P
O U12 (2008) 6PM O
Y U13 (2007) 6PM R
S U14 (2006) 6PM T
U15 (2005) 7:30PM S
U16 (2004) 7:30PM P
U17 (2003) 7:30PM L
U18 (2002) 7:30PM E
U19 (2001) 7:30PM X
Year/Age Wed 5/1 S
G U11 (2009) 6PM P
I U12 (2008) 6PM O
R U13 (2007) 6PM R
L U14 (2006) 6PM T
S U17 (2003) 6PM S
U15 (2005) 7:30PM P
  U16 (2004) 7:30PM L
  U18 (2002) 7:30PM E
  U19 (2001) 7:30PM X


Clearwater (CLW)  FYSA/USYS Tryouts Schedule (week of 5/6/19):

Coming Soon!

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