2017 Summer Italian Soccer Camp

June 12-16, 2017

Scuola Calcio will once again be bringing an Italian soccer camp this summer to Clearwater Florida.  This is the fourteenth year that this Premier Italian soccer camp has been held in this area.  In previous years’ coaches from Perugia Calcio, Ascoli Calcio, Parma Calcio and Modena Calcio have put on the camp and this year we will have more coaches from some of Italy’s top professional teams.  These camps give U.S. players the ability to experience firsthand the kind of training that has made Italy so successful on the world stage.

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Camp Cost:     ($10.00 off if you register by April 21st)
Half Day Camp
Ages: 7-12     9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.  
$180.00 (Chargers Soccer Club and Rec. Players $150.00)

Full Day Camp

Ages: 7-12    9:00 A.M – 4:00 P.M.  Lunch 12:00 P.M. – 1:00 P.M.
$330.00 (Chargers Soccer Club and Rec. Players $280.00)

Dates:  June 12th - June 16th, 2017 

Location:  The Long Center 1501 N. Belcher Rd. Clearwater, FL. 33765

Bring Soccer Ball and shin guards

For Questions Call:  (727) 688-3134

** This is a Charger organized event.


We are excited to have Bruno Redolfi at the camp this summer. Coach Redolfi is the current assistant coach of Parma Calcio at our camp this year.  See Coach Bio Below.





Private  E-mail:  b.redolfi@hotmail.it    

E.mail to work:    redolfi@italiansoccerschool.com   

WebSite : www.italiansoccerschool.com 


Studies, Training and Additional information

  • High School Diploma “Liceo Scientifico”
  • Degree in Political Science - University of Rome (actually 17 exams on 21), studies interrupted because of his career in football.
  • Excellent knowledge of both written and spoken English and some elements of Spanish.
  • A Website on the Teaching of Football is currently under developing and renewal with his supervision (www.italiansoccerschool.com)

Soccer Credentials

1993 - Certificate in “Youth Level Coach” (FIGC Allenatore Giovani Calciatori).

1997 - Certificate in “Third Level of Coaching” (FIGC Allenatore di 3° Categoria). 1998 - Certificate in “Coaching Level - B UEFA“ (FIGC Allenatore di Base ‘UEFA B’)              (awarded without examinations due to previous outstanding results). 2015 - Certificate in "Coaching Level - UEFA A (School of COVERCIANO)


From  1993 to 1998

Coached various semi-professional teams. 

Author and writer of Football Essays 

  • “The defense: defensive systems and mechanisms. A Look at the Italian League.”
  • “The composition of the young football player”
  • “The complete technical programming of a youth sector.”
  • “The central midfielder, a conductor of the orchestra – Theory and Practice”
  • “100  fundamental  football exercises - Practice” (in review)
  • “The central defender, a necessary leader - Theory and Practice”


From 1997 to 2001 (A.C. PARMA – Serie A)

Coordinator and Technical Director of A.C. PARMA’s Youth Sector for Central Italy.        

Member, Creator and Coach of A.C. PARMA Youth Sector’s Centre of Studies.  A.C. PARMA Scout.

A.C. PARMA Coach at  Summer Camps:  


Italy: Aosta(AO); Pesaro(PU); Rivisondoli (AQ); Borgotaro (PR).  

International:  Vancouver (CAN); Toronto (CAN); Long Island (NY-USA); Stroudsburg (PA-USA); Wilmington (NC – USA); Tampa (FL-USA)


Represented A.C.PARMA and presented Technical Workshops at both National and International Conferences held in:


  • 1997 - Pietralunga (Perugia - Italia)  

                  Category Under 14 - “Esordienti”- “Let’s Learn to play.” Theory and Practice.

  • 1998 - Torgiano (Perugia - Italia)  

      Category Under 14 - “Esordienti” - “Me, the ball, the mates and the opponents.”  Theory and Practice.  

  • 1999 - Capo Vaticano  (Vibo Valenzia - Italia)  

                  Category Under 18 -  “Allievi” - “An age of knowing and understanding.”  Theory and Practice.

  • 2000 - Paestum   (Salerno - Italia) 

                      Category Under 18 - “Allievi” - “The composition of the young football player.”  Theory and Practice.  

  • 2001 - Salonicco  (Greece) 

     Professional Adult Team - Defensive and Offensive Tactics in Modern Play Systems.

  • 2001 - Long Island NY (USA)

                  Technical Development of a Youth Sector.

  • 2001 - Vancouver (CAN)

                  Technical Development of a Youth Sector.  


From 1999 to 2001

  • Collaboration with F.I.G.C. SGS -  Federal Football Centre Acquacetosa (Rome) on experimenting of Technical Programming of the youth sector and on the technical and tactical growth of the young player.
  • Collaborations and Clinics for the Federal Football Centre Acquacetosa - F.I.G.C.– SGS.



  • Articles as free lance journalist in football magazines
  • Technical consultant for professional football for: www.sport.it by www.nexta.com ;  
  • Various articles published in various sites as  www.alleniamo.com  dealing with the Technical aspects of  Football.


From 2002 to 2005 (A.C. PERUGIA – Serie A and B)

Technical and Development Program Director for A.C. PERUGIA’S Youth Sector.

Technical Director of A.C. PERUGIA’S National and International football schools associated.

Responsible of Scouting Staff for A.C. PERUGIA.

Director of Summer Camps for A.C. PERUGIA:


Italy: Abbadia San Salvatore(SI); Aosta(AO); Assisi (PG); Cles (TN); Roccaraso (AQ); Catania (CT); Predazzo (TN) International: Wilmington(NC-USA); Vancouver(BC-CAN); Stroudsburg(PA-USA); Chicago(IL-USA); Washington DCUSA); New Haven(CT-USA); Tampa (FL – USA); Kansas City (KS); Toronto(CAN).


As a professional coach and Director of AC Perugia Youth Program, the presentation of “The Technical development of a youth sector – Theory and Practice” presented, both nationally and internationally at conferences held in:

  • 2002 - Salonicco (Greece) 
  • 2003 - Vancouver  (BC - CANADA) 
  • 2003 - University of Pennsylvania in Stroudsburg (PA – USA)
  • 2004 - Chicago (IL - USA)
  • 2004 - Milwaukee (WI - USA)
  • 2005 - Clearwater-Tampa (FL - USA) 


He scouted the first North American professional player for AC Perugia (season 2004-2005): 

DAVIDE SOMMA (from California - born in South Africa 198). Last team played Leeds United (Eng-Championship) and he was player for South Africa National Team.


From August 2005 to March 2006

Technical Area Director  for I.F.A. – Italian Football  Academy.

Director of Scouting for I.F.A. – Italian Football  Academy.

From March 2006 to June 2007  (ASCOLI CALCIO – Serie A)

Technical & Development Program Director – ASCOLI SOCCER ACADEMY.

Director of  ASCOLI SOCCER ACADEMY  Centre of Studies.

Scouting Technical Consultant for ASCOLI CALCIO – Youth Sector.

Director of Football Youth Summer Camps for Ascoli Soccer Academy.

  • Jan 2007 Coaching Symposium-Orebro (SWE) 

 “The modern football, passing the ball, moving without, be offensive”

  • May 2007 Coaching Symposium-Toronto (CAN) 

“The modern football, passing the ball, moving without, be offensive”


From July 2007 (ITALIAN SOCCER SCHOOL – Accademia Insegnare Calcio - Soccer Development Centre) Technical & Development Program Director.

Director of Summer Camps:


Italy: Perugia (Umbria Italy)

International: Clearwater -Tampa(FL-USA); Wilmington(NC-USA); Vancouver(BC-CAN); Raleigh (NC-USA)


November 2011 - Speaker at the refresher course of AIAC - Italian Coaches Association, on the topic:  

                “The modern football, passing the ball, moving without, be offensive”


Febbraio 2008

Elected (in a short list of four person) by Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) Directory Office for a final interview  to take the position of Technical Director of CSA and Youth National Teams. 


From February to June 2008 

Technical Consultant  for AS ISOLA LIRI – Italian Serie D Semi-Pro  League:

Championship Victory and access to the Italian Pro League Second Division


Season 2008-09  (MODENA FC 1912  - Serie B) First assistant Coach First Team


Season 2009-10 (MODENA FC 1912 – Serie B) First Assistant Coach First Team


Season 2010-11  (US GROSSETO FC – Serie B)

First Assistant Coach First Team

March 2011 - Speaker at the refresher course of AIAC - Italian Coaches Association, on the topic:  

         “The study of the opposing team, the video analysis”


Season 2011-12  (AS GUBBIO 1910 – Serie B) First Assistant Coach First Team


Season 2012-13  (AC REGGIANA – LEGA PRO)

First Assistant Coach First Team


Season 2013-14  (ND GORICA 1947 – SLOVENJA First League)

First Assistant Coach First Team



Season 2014-15  (ND GORICA 1947  – SLOVENJA First League)

First Assistant Coach First Team

UEFA League Cup Participation


From April 2015

Technical Director for Development of Grassroots - FIGC  Italian Soccer Federation - UMBRIA Region


Season 2015-16  (PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Serie D)

First Assistant Coach First Team

WINNER OF CHAMPIONSHIP (without matches lost). Return of the Club in Professional League




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