MLS Eite Player Dev Platform Adding U16b

MLS Eite Player Dev Platform Adding U16b

MLS Elite Player Development Platform will add u16 age group for the Southeast Region

It has been a very exciting past few weeks for the future of the Chargers Soccer Club, with many positive changes coming to the programming opportunities we will be offering players for this season.


As we previously announced, the decision by US Soccer to end the US Development Academy, saw the MLS step in to form an MLS Elite Player Development Platform that brings together the top 65 non-MLS DA clubs, as well as all of the MLS Academies. This league will serve as the top youth soccer league in the country and provide an incredible platform for player development. This league will continue to maintain all of the standards of the previous DA programming, as well as adding further player development initiatives, such as the u16 age group.


The league will be expanding to include a u16 age group for the Southeast teams in the MLS Elite Player Development Platform. This age group will be critical in maintaining player continuity and growth from the u12 through the u17 ages with single age groups. This will allow a greater number of players further opportunity to compete at the highest youth soccer level in order to pursue their soccer dreams.


The Chargers are extremely excited about the addition of this u16 age group and look forward to providing next year’s 2005 birth year players the opportunity to continue playing at the top level of youth soccer. We are currently looking for a few more top-level 2005s that would like the opportunity to train and compete with the top players in the country.


If you have interest in playing for the MLS Elite Player Development Chargers u16, 2005s team, please contact Roberto Lopez for more information at


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